Let’s meet our ubbu friends

All lessons include content inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Loves science

Ruby loves to learn and know more about everything around her. She can name any plant, animal or rock you can think of. For her, the only limit is space.

See Ruby in action.


#1 technology fan

Max is a technology buff. He knows all about the latest gadgets and equipment. Computers, 3D printers, drones, you name it, he can work them all.

See Max in action.


Engineering queen

Perline was that kid who would take her toys apart and put them back together with ease. She uses her hyper intelligence to create and execute anything she can think of.

See Perline in action.


Arts lover

Pascal is the artist of the group and the one with the biggest imagination. He can create the most innovative wacky designs, stories and programs.

See Pascal in action.


Maths whiz

Jaython loves to study, especially numbers. Logic and maths are his thing and with them he's able to be one of ubbu's best young athletes.

See Jaython in action.